Wickes is a UK home improvements chain that has pulled off an unusual trick by successfully balancing two diverse audiences within the same radio sponsorship. When it began its partnership with one of Bauer Media’s radio properties, Absolute Radio, it was regarded as a brand aimed at the building trades – carpenters, electricians etc – but it wanted to shift that perception to attract more serious DIY-ers.

From Wickes’ point of view, an early morning radio show is an ideal way to reach trade customers who are typically up and about long before the average office or shop worker. But by segmenting the messaging it has also been able to reach its later-rising DIY target audience.

Accordingly, it teamed up with one of the UK’s National Radio stations: Absolute Radio, which plays a range of music from the past and present, including individual stations dedicated to particular decades from the 60s to the 00s, but with the Breakfast Show running across all of them.