How to build an e-commerce offering during COVID-19

Many retail brands impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic are now looking to pivot into e-commerce. Doing this requires a thoughtful strategic approach.

Why it matters

Setting up a successful e-commerce offering requires thoughtful strategy, especially when consumer behaviours are changing so quickly during COVID-19.


  • Use data to identify trigger points relevant to the brand’s products to respond to where customers are and what customers want in the right way and at the right time.
To navigate this complex and, at times, contradictory landscape, structured thinking and validation will carry retail brands through what Publicis has termed ‘Next’ – the 18-month or so period of uneven recovery and fluctuating behaviours likely to pave the way towards the ‘New Normal’. The world is yet to know exactly what the ‘Next’ and ‘New Normal’ will bring, but what is certain is that combining rigorous thinking, data science and qualitative research will increase brand owners’ chances of making the best bets in the years to come.