How pharmaceutical brand teams can design new pathways to market and compete on better health outcomes

This article looks at why the pandemic should prompt the pharmaceutical industry to look at strategies beyond drug promotion and look, instead, at partnerships that ultimately provide better health outcomes.

How the pandemic is changing the US healthcare system

The $20 trillion consumer-driven economy in the United States is breaking structurally, in the grips of the Big Fear and unseen forces of compression. Americans are hoarding cash, slashing spending and shrinking their credit card debt as jobs vaporiz. There is nowhere to hide from the high-velocity wind that is making us all wince and shiver.

System-level change is where this all needs to go, not the production of never-ending niches and applications of digital to make the old storylines and silos more operationally efficient.  Pharmaceutical companies are uniquely positioned to give the global health economy new direction. By leading and ‘pricing’ based on system vision, they have an opportunity to become keystones holding new economies together.