At a glance

Marketing as a career is suffering a crisis of confidence. To draw top talent back into the industry, marketing needs to rethink its offer and make sure that marketing teams possess the right skillsets to drive business growth, according to LEGO CMO Julia Goldin.

Why it matters

Many brands have lost sight of how to drive growth over the long term, with short-termist skillsets now starting to bite. At the same time, top talent has been drawn toward tech, startups or consulting over marketing.


  • Marketing is about much more than just taking a product and figuring out how to advertise it in the most effective way. The role of marketing at its very inception is about creating value.
  • Tackling the ongoing talent crunch, and ensuring marketers have the right skillsets to ensure the long-term health of their brands, is key to the future of the discipline.
  • With so much change in the industry, marketing talent needs to have a broad range of competencies – not just digital skills, but also customer experience, brand building and more.