We live and work in an era where businesses are determined to portray themselves as customer centric. At many companies this has led to the demise of the CMO, as CCOs (Chief Customer Officers) take responsibility for masterminding brand-led growth. But what does it mean to be truly customer centric, and which brands are leading the way?

Nurturing a rising need for growth

Netfluential research conducted amongst 10,000 UK respondents is revealing that some of the fastest growing brands are redefining what it means to be customer centric. We recently launched LENS, our Live Emotional Needs System for monitoring how the emotional needs of consumer groups are changing and diagnosing how well brands meet those needs. The findings show that when businesses can anticipate significant changes in the emotional needs of their target audience, they can re-engineer products, experiences and communications to meet those needs more effectively than competitors.

Based on existing academic frameworks and research, and our own extensive consumer research, we created a system based on six core values, each with a set of underlying emotional needs that drive instinctive decision making.

  • Certainty: safety, security, protection, routine
  • Significance: uniqueness, recognition, belonging
  • Growth: learning, discovery, ambition, achievement, challenge
  • Variety: change, adventure, excitement
  • Contribution: kindness, giving, self-worth
  • Love: connection, acceptance, support, loyalty