Marketing in the COVID-19 crisis

This article is part of a special WARC Snapshot focused on enabling brand marketers to re-strategise amid the unprecedented disruption caused by the novel coronavirus outbreak.

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Why it matters

With a recession forecast in the wake of COVID-19, marketers need to be prepared for an economic downturn and a challenge to their budgets. Finding pockets of opportunity will be essential in a challenging business environment.


  • Many consumers are shifting to digital retail as COVID-19 leaves them stuck at home, meaning that the e-commerce channel is critical for newer businesses and legacy companies alike.
  • New customers acquired during the pandemic may not be the same as a brand’s existing audience, and should be the subject of detailed research to identify specific needs and habits.
  • Adspend can deliver heightened efficiency in a financial downturn, as many brands cut back and media rates often fall, leaving a positive environment for the players that maintain their outlay.