At a glance

Carlsberg, the beer company, developed a world-first ‘Snap Pack’ innovation which used dabs of a strong, specially-developed glue to connect cans, rather than the industry-standard plastic rings. The innovation reduces the average amount of packaging per unit by 76%.

Why it matters

Sustainable packaging is a major issue in the beer industry, as consumers demand more environmentally-friendly solutions than the unrecyclable plastic rings that end up in landfill or in the ocean.


  1. Packaging innovation is one part of a wider sustainability initiative at Carlsberg. Brands should consider carbon impact across the whole supply chain, not just at the consumer point of sale.
  2. For a new innovation such as the Snap Pack, there was an important education element to the marketing communications. Buyers of Carlsberg Beer needed to be taught about the unfamiliar new packaging, and how it worked to feel more comfortable with it.
  3. As the successful pilot looks to be scaled up to more stores, or even other Carlsberg-owned brands in time, the marketing approach will likewise require more investment. This involves both the companies who handle the brand’s products – such as supermarkets – as well as the end consumer.