Why it matters

As social media drives more product discovery, brands need to make this content as ‘shoppable’ as possible.


  • Gen Z do 2-3x more shopping on social channels than the average consumer, with Instagram and Snapchat most popular.
  • More than half of e-commerce purchases (52%) are now made on mobile devices: high growth categories include fashion & beauty and electronics & physical media, both up 18% year on year.
  • Social commerce is still relatively new, and brands must create online experiences to demonstrate the clear value – and security – of browsing and shopping via social channels.

The potential for social commerce – e-commerce via social networks – is significant. This is especially the case for Direct to Consumer (DTC) businesses, such as Harry’s and Mahabis, which have built their brands via social selling and benefitted from the targeting it offers. With the right strategy and skills, however, social commerce is an opportunity any brand can tap into over the year ahead.