At a glance

Agritecture started life as a blog about urban farming, and has grown into a consultancy, online and physical community, and a vital information resource. And the organization has tapped into the power of marketing to fuel this process.

Why it matters

Many consumers in large cities are hungry for authentic brand experiences and locally-grown produce, but the agriculture industry has largely moved away from urban centers. Countering this trend can provide fresh opportunities for marketers in various categories to connect with consumers.


  1. Agritecture has taken a three-pronged approach – “find a gap”, “be bold” and “articulate a mission” – in defining its strategy.
  2. Combining physical connectivity with digital community-building has enabled the brand to generate a wide range of valuable insights.
  3. Through the use of QR codes and similar technologies, brands in the food and beverage industries can provide consumers with a transparent look into their supply chains.