Brand loyalty can be elusive and swayed by any number of external factors, not least the current economic environment. The DMA has been running research since 2016 which aims to uncover UK consumers’ attitudes around loyalty as well as the drivers behind brand favourability.

The 2018 DMA Customer Engagement conference saw the unveiling of the latest iteration of the research, How to win trust and loyalty, conducted in partnership with Foresight Factory.

The broader picture

Back in 2016, a loyalty segmentation was put in place, looking at the key consumer groups that emerged in relation to loyalty and brand choice. Four segments were identified: active loyals, showing strong loyalty behaviour in both everyday and expensive purchases; habitual loyals, loyal and habit-driven in everyday purchases, but tending to shop around when buying expensive items; situational loyals, shopping around for everyday items, but sticking to the same brands for expensive purchases; and active disloyals, displaying very little loyal behaviour one way or the other.