Usually, trends revolve around the fringes of business with the fundamentals largely left unchanged. However, the design agency Fjord, which is now owned by Accenture, has been tracking how “questions about capitalism’s trajectory of endless growth with profit as the sole metric have moved from shouting on the streets to conversations in the boardroom”. The almost euphemistically-put meta trend of “tensions” in 2018 gave way to a search for value in 2019. But 2020 presents a very new set of challenges –  part of a meta-trend Fjord terms “realigning the fundamentals”.

So what does that mean? It is effectively the idea that those organisations that will succeed – itself a murky term that will need reconsideration – are the ones that are capable of acknowledging their impact on both the planet and the society that inhabits it as a fundamental aim that is more important than profit. In short: there is such a thing as society.

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