What separates marketers who consistently drive growth from their peers who struggle to achieve this goal?

The CMO Council, the executive network, and Deloitte, the consulting and auditing company, are the latest investigators to explore this dilemma in a new “The CMO’s Growth Driving Playbook” study.

Expanding on a survey of around 200 marketers conducted earlier this year, the analysis draws on learnings from a subset of brand custodians who are “extremely poised to succeed” as growth drivers for their respective organizations.

And the research identified five characteristics that this elite cohort shared:

  • Growth over gains
  • Speaking the language of business
  • Overcoming silos
  • Senior management support
  • Thinking like a CEO

Growth over gains

The first recommendation involved distinguishing “gains” (short-term “pops” in engagement or transactions that follow sales or demand-generation programs) from growth (a long-term, sustainable expansion powered by strategic, revenue-focused decisions). The former discipline, the report stated, relies on storytelling and branding to foster consumer connections, but can struggle to move beyond this “foundational level.”