Key takeaways

  • Publishers ought to speak to ad operations teams to better understand the total size of ‘hidden’ website audiences.
  • They should appoint a commercial data owner to own technology partnerships, train sales teams and communicate the benefits to advertisers and agencies.
  • GDPR is good news for publishers, enabling them to package audiences and sell them to advertisers in a compliant manner.
  • In the UK, Immediate Media went from now being able to see 80% of its audience, to having visibility of 80% of traffic.

Today’s advertising technology isn’t working for publishers – and that’s a challenge not just for them, but for every advertiser. Even society: in an era of so-called fake news, we’d all be a little poorer without the democratic checks and balances our premium publishers provide.

It’s time to change that and help publishers get the value they deserve out of the data they have and do more with it – be that through advertising or, increasingly, subscription models and ecommerce ventures.