Why it matters

With brands now present across so many channels – both online and offline – building a consistent visual identity is crucial.


  • Branding without a core idea looks chaotic and inauthentic - a clear core idea can form the basis of an iconic brand with a long life.
  • Touch, sound and smell are becoming increasingly important as a way to brand spaces, whether these are in real or virtual spaces.
  • Design assets to live and breathe in specific environments.
  • Flexible visual assets help brands stay relevant and meaningful. In the virtual world, a brand icon is a very useful shorthand to have.

People come across your brand in all sorts of different places, from an official Facebook page to a cupboard in their own homes. Their experience of the brand, however, needs to tie up to tell one single brand story, so it’s vital to think about how you unite your brand visually across all touchpoints right from the start and consider how each asset will behave in each channel that you think is relevant.