The news industry is at a “critical time” in its history, according to Reuters global head of multimedia Jane Barrett. From digital advertising revenues that are headed south to the fight against fake news, there are “several new battles” to be fought.

It certainly does not help that news literacy is low. According to the Reuters Institute Digital News Report 2018, 68% of respondents are either unaware of the problems in the news industry or believe news organisations are profiting from online news.

The latest edition of the Digital News Report focuses on how audiences are now consuming news online. It consists of online, survey-based research conducted by YouGov with more than 74,000 respondents across 37 markets in January and early February 2018.

“It’s interesting to think, if you increase news literacy, you can increase trust,” said Nic Newman, the lead author of the report who spoke at the webinar hosted by Thomson Reuters alongside Barrett.