The Australian-based Ehrenberg-Bass Institute has identified patterns of buyer behaviour and brand performance that are mirrored by hugely diverse consumer groups and in just about every category you might think of.

In an exclusive webinar for WARC subscribers, two of the Institute’s luminaries tackled some frequently asked questions about how these laws manifest themselves in very different spheres of life – from buying aviation fuel to making a donation to charity.

Professor Jenni Romaniuk, Associate Director (International) of the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute, and Professor John Dawes, Associate Director (Operational) of Ehrenberg-Bass Institute, explained how brands could use these learnings.

Here are some of the highlights:

Q: “Customers in our category buy from a portfolio of brands and most are light buyers. How do I apply this knowledge to our marcomms and the wider business?”

A: A look at the pizza category in the US, for example, shows that most buyers of one brand also buy several other brands at different times.