At a glance

Digital payments play an absolutely crucial role in the online path to purchase, but not every brand is getting it right.

Why it matters

New technology, new behaviours, and new regulations such as data and authentication are impacting how brands can drive conversions in an online environment.


  • Brand purchase planning has to navigate four, often competing, dynamics: new technology, new legislation, new platforms and of course, new consumer behaviours and adoption.
  • ‘In app’ and alternative payment methods (beyond ‘browser based’) are fuelling growth in digital commerce.
  • Many retailers’ sites are still not mobile-optimised and, especially with very interactive pages such as the checkout, the experience is still clunky – resulting in shoppers abandoning their carts.

Friday, November 29th, 2019 was a momentous day for retailers and brands in the UK. ‘Black Friday’ turned into a record-breaking, online spending frenzy. Shrugging off political and Brexit uncertainty, the UK’s consumers embraced online commerce like never before, accelerated by a cold snap deterring all but the hardiest from the high street.