Marketing in the COVID-19 crisis

This article is part of a special WARC Snapshot focused on enabling brand marketers to re-strategise amid the unprecedented disruption caused by the novel coronavirus outbreak.

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Why it matters

The out-of-home dining industry has been severely impacted by the spread of COVID-19, as traffic declines and certain areas limit restaurants to providing takeout services. How this category responds will be instructive for marketers in other verticals that are reliant on brick-and-mortar touchpoints.


  • Focusing on ecommerce could enable marketers to offset some of the loss in demand recorded in physical channels.
  • Advertising expenditure may need to be redirected to areas of the business that can deliver the most tangible return on investment in the current trading environment.
  • A region-by-region approach may be useful as marketers respond to a crisis that is evolving in different ways in different markets.