China's WeChat & Weibo Go Mobile In Real-Time For The Rio Olympics

Carat China

This year, Rio saw real time global participation for the first time in Olympic history.

Since 2012, mobile internet has grown exponentially. We've moved from broadcasts on TV, to computers, to phones. The 2016 Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, China's most popular online properties brought a multitude of ways to engage and interact with the world's biggest sporting event.

Tencent's Carnival Party for WeChat and QQ

For Tencent's QQ and Wechat, the goal this year is to have "Everything connected with sports". Tencent focused on utilizing its social functions such as Moments and Wechat.

Considering its social coverage, Tencent had the biggest local resource and the strongest product matrix of China's major players.

On WeChat there is 762 million active monthly users and on QQ, 658 million mobile users. With 90% penetration and inherently social genes, Tencent products have been ideally positioned to meet user's demands for sharing and interaction when watching the competitions.