Cambodia has been through its share of difficult times, says Anthony Keck, Managing Director of Phnom Penh-based agency Havas Riverorchid, but as a young, optimistic population benefits from the economic growth and new opportunities sweeping through South East Asia, there is every sign that Cambodia is becoming a new frontier for brands.

As wealthier countries in Asia experience economic slowdown, South East Asia's emerging economies are not only weathering the storm, but growing – and fast. Cambodia, Keck said, is set to achieve 7% GDP growth next year, on top of 8% growth last year.

"If you look holistically at why Cambodia is moving the way that it is moving, it's that all the things are in place for it to be a success," Keck said in an exclusive interview with WARC.

"There is a general optimism amongst Cambodians that may not necessarily exist in other third world countries. And certainly the ability to communicate with them in one language is much easier," he said.