What if you could build a market from the ground up, with a population excited about the future and open to new brands and experiences, but without the legacy of failed advertising models or pre-conceived ideas holding marketers back?

For Clint Easthorpe, Chief Operating Officer of Mango Myanmar, it was this unique opportunity which bought him back to the country, which now is poised for growth after decades of sanctions were lifted last year.

"The industry just disappeared…the agencies were pretty much in collapse," Easthorpe revealed, saying the years between 2004-2008 were dark times for the advertising industry as sanctions took their toll.

But today, the future is bright. As Myanmar finds its place in the world, a young, mobile-connected population and increasing access to the outside world make the country an exciting opportunity for brands.

"People started to take a much more moderate view of Myanmar, and then of course when the sanctions were suspended, that gave people confidence. The market is open now…it's given that extra bit of confidence in the market place," Easthorpe said in an exclusive interview with WARC.