In 2019, brand purpose is arguably the hottest trend in marketing. It’s also arguably the most maligned. How can brands be a part of culture and do good, while also taking care of commercial considerations? How can consumers – more motivated to support brands doing good than ever, research indicates – be sure that the brands they purchase are really walking their talk, as opposed to ‘pink-washing’ or ‘green-washing’?

From humble beginnings as a single store in Brighton, The Body Shop now has more than 3000 stores in 70 countries. A strong sense of purpose has always been at the heart of the brand, but following a major ownership change, the time was right for the company to reassess that vision and modernise it for the 21st century.

What role a brand can play in society is a vexed topic but one that’s crucial for brands to be honest about, according to Jessie Macneil-Brown, Global Head of Activism at The Body Shop.