At a glance

Different consumer segments have different motivations and purchase behaviours depending on what type of food shopping they are doing, for example the big weekly shop vs shopping for entertaining.

Why it matters

In the world of food shopping, there’s a world of opportunities for the brands willing to truly invest their time and resources into putting the audience first. Before they throw their chips down however, they need to understand the actions, attitudes and needs that form the foundations behind the everyday purchasing decisions that consumers make.


  • Emotions around the type of food shopping mission vary. The big weekly shop, for example, was the least enjoyable decision, with food shopping for entertaining coming through as a much more enjoyable experience.
  • Health-focused parents have higher, more complex expectations of the brands that feature within their shopping decisions. They are more likely to respond to certain triggers such as high quality, good brand reputation and product ingredients than those parents who are not as health conscious.