Asian mothers go digital: insights from McCann WorldGroup

Low Lai Chow

Marketers need to rethink their assumptions about Asian mothers, as technology and changing social values render obsolete some of the region's stereotypes.

That is one interpretation of research by McCann WorldGroup's global intelligence unit, Truth Central, which compared the viewpoints of 6,800 digitally-connected women in the US, UK, China, Japan, Brazil, India, Italy and Mexico.

The work, which also factored in more than 40 focus groups in the above countries as well as Indonesia, Malaysia, Peru, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand, looked at several areas of values and behaviour.

Topics included:

  • The prominent role played by technology in Asian mums' lives
  • Parenting values
  • Communication by and between mothers

Many of its findings challenge traditional perceptions about mothers in the region.

Asian mums and technology