Why it matters

While linear TV is still the obvious choice for building mass reach at scale, Ebiquity’s study shows that the market is approaching the ‘tipping point’ at which the medium’s ROI advantage will be eclipsed.


  • Brands should revise their approach to measurement to determine engaged, attentive coverage and commercial impact with higher degrees of granularity.
  • Standard 30-second TV ads are unlikely to be fit for purpose when running in Facebook’s news feed. Advertisers should develop creative designed to work in the medium and environment in which it runs.
  • Only through structured testing can marketers evaluate and optimise the channels they use to fill the coverage gap.


In February 2019, Ebiquity published TV at the Tipping Point, an evidence-based analysis of how shrinking linear TV audiences were affecting brands looking to build reach – a cornerstone of brand building.1 The study found that, while TV remains the go-to advertising medium to deliver mass audiences at scale, many people – particularly younger viewers – are replacing linear TV with online video, as well as broadcaster and subscription video-on-demand (BVOD and SVOD) services.