Data from WARC and MAGNA Global show that programmatic, the automated buying and selling of ad inventory, accounted for a third of the value of US ad trade in 2016. We expect this share to rise closer to 39% this year, more than double the level recorded in 2013.

Programmatic spend has grown at a compound annual rate of 23.6% over this time, compared to 18.2% growth for all digital spend and 4.5% for the total US ad market.

This definition incorporates social and search, which are inherently programmatic formats, as well as non-social banner and video ads. Adding trade for addressable TV ads, broadcaster video-on-demand (VOD), digital audio and digital out of home (DOOH), which MAGNA estimate at an additional $1bn, would push this share higher still.

Looking only at non-social banner and video programmatic, the $12.1bn in expected spend this year equates to a 62% market capitalisation within these forms of advertising, but only 6.4% of all spend in the US this year.