TV still attracts over a quarter of France's total annual advertising budget, according to data from WARC, IREP and the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB). It took a 27.5% share of total advertising spend in 2017, although this represented a dip in share of 0.4 percentage points (pp) from 2016. TV's share is forecast to hold flat this year.

The next biggest channel, search advertising, ended 2017 with a share of 15.4% (up 0.8pp from 2016). Next in line was desktop display at 11.0%, followed by outdoor (9.9%), newspapers (9.6%), magazines (8.2%), online classified (6.6%), radio (5.8%), mobile display (5.3%), and cinema (0.8%).

Of all the media channels monitored, mobile display increased its share of total advertising the most in 2017, up 1.9pp from 2016. Search (up 0.8pp) and desktop display (up 0.2pp) were the only other media to register year-on-year increases. While cinema and online classified saw no change, magazines (down 1.1pp), newspapers (down 0.7pp), TV (down 0.4pp), outdoor (down 0.4pp), and radio (down 0.3pp) all saw shares drop. The direction of change is expected to remain the same for all media channels in 2018, apart from online classified which is forecast to decline by 0.1pp.