Snapchat has recorded the largest growth in users in three years, according to the latest company reports. Global daily active users in Q2 2019 rose by 13 million (+6.8%) from the previous quarter, taking total levels above 200 million for the first time.

Every region experienced growth in users, with the Rest of World group up seven million (+14.3%) to a total of 56 million. North America (+3.8%) and Europe (+4.9%) both added three million users in Q2 2019, up to 83 million and 64 million respectively.

This growth is in part due to the company's strong investment in augmented reality, the technology underpinning its viral filters.

Snapchat is also better monetising these users, with average revenue per user (ARPU) at $1.91 last quarter. This is up 51 cents (+36.4%) from the year before, in part due to 60% growth in time spent watching Discover, the platform's hub for publisher and influencer content.

North America ARPU is up nearly $1 (93 cents, +42.1%) from Q2 2018 and is the most valuable region for Snapchat at $3.14. Europe saw the strongest increase (+43.9%) to $0.95 while the Rest of World grew slower (+25.0%) to $1.20.

Future growth in total ARPU can be expected as the company has streamlined the ad creating process and introduced unskippable commercials during its 3-5 minute premium episodes.

The company is particularly valuable to marketers given its younger audience base, although the strong popularity and brand value of Instagram poses a continual threat. Overall, Snapchat accounts for just 1.8% of all social and messaging ad revenue.