Google dominates the search engine market, accounting for almost all mobile searches and nine in ten desktop searches – levels which have been consistent for more than a decade. Google handles 63,000 searches per second across all devices, or roughly two trillion in an average year.

Ads accounted for over 85% of Google’s total revenue in 2018, and the majority of this comes from paid search – a market expected to be worth $130.6bn worldwide this year. While Google’s control is currently assured, Amazon may soon pose serious competition, gaining incremental dollars in the search market in the coming years.

Chrome’s share of the browser market is much lower by comparison, particularly on mobile devices. While the Google-designed Android OS is utilised by three in four smartphones, Chrome is not the default browser on Samsung, Apple and Huawei devices (47.9% market share combined).

Google has moved to gain a foothold in the smartphone market, but it’s currently chasing the pack. However, reports show US sales of Google’s Pixel phone were up 43% year-on-year in Q4 2018, outpacing both Apple and Samsung.

This Data Point was drawn from March's Global Ad Trends report, which focuses on the Google/Facebook Duopoly's current dominance and future challenges.