Music-based radio stations are the most popular among households, with over half (55%) tuning in at least once a week on average. The share rises to 62% among western markets, but Australia (51%) and Japan (19%) record below the average.

Music streaming services are utilised at least once a week by almost one in three (33%) households on average. Shares range from 48% in the US to just 15% in Japan.

Talk radio is also popular, particularly in Italy, where one in two households tune in at least once a week. Some 35% of households in the US also listen to speech-based radio at least once a week, and ancillary data show that the format is the most popular in the country, taking a 9.9% share of an average quarter hour of listening among those aged six and above.

This Data Point was drawn from April's Global Ad Trends report, which focuses on radio and digital audio.