Nearly two-thirds of people don't trust information that comes from social media, according to the latest data from the YouGov-Cambridge Globalism Project. Across 22 countries, 61% of respondents said they do not trust social media as a source of information. Trust was greater than distrust in only five countries: Thailand, Saudi Arabia, India, Nigeria and Poland.

Great Britain shows the highest level of distrust, at over four-fifths of people (83%). This is followed closely by Sweden (81%) and France (79%). Among significant distrust – an answer of 'not at all' – Great Britain (40%), France (37%) and Italy and the US (both 32%) are top.

In over two-thirds of the countries surveyed, social media was the least-trusted source of information compared to others like national newspapers, TV and online-only news websites.

This comes as the data ethics and privacy practices of major social media platforms comes under intense scrutiny. In response, three-quarters of people have limited their online footprint.