One-third of Southeast Asians have abandoned their online retail cart because the purchase process was too time consuming and complicated, according to the latest research from Adobe. Millennials are slightly less likely to abandon their online basket at 32% compared to 35% for those aged 35 and over.

The most common digital retail experience was having to re-enter info with a retailer when using a second platform, at 37% of respondents. This rises above 40% for millennials, in part due to the fragmentation of shopping. Nearly one-third of respondents said the company couldn't answer simple product questions, while one-quarter were sent the wrong item or unable to return a faulty product.

As a result of these bad experiences, over one half of millennials shared the experience with their friends, which is particularly damaging to brands given the importance of word-of-mouth. Nearly 40% of both age groups said they stopped buying from that company altogether, while over a third of 18-34 year-olds posted about the experience on social media.

Globally, marketers believe customer experience is the most important digital transformation this year. For brands to succeed, they need to harness consumer insights and balance functional and human needs.