Research by SuperData highlights the opportunity within the gaming video content (GVC) market. The audience stands at an estimated 843m worldwide, more than the combined audience of major TV and audio platforms and over two and a half times larger than the entire population of the US. Of this, 545m viewers are expected on YouTube this year, and 249m on Amazon-owned Twitch (though some of these users will be the same across platforms).

The market is expected to generate revenues of $4.6bn this year, up from $4.1bn in 2017. Of this, 57% will come from advertising (online display formats such as banners and pre/mid/post roll video paid to the host platforms), 19% from subscriptions, 13% from donations and 11% from sponsorships (such as branded content and team sponsorship paid to the creators themselves). North America is expected to make up just under a third of the total, with Europe close behind.

Opportunities for brands range from in-game ads and branded games, to sponsorships and building brand equity through association via pre/mid/post roll video advertising, much in the same was as working with influencers. Brands already operating in this space include McDonalds, Coca-Cola, Gillette, Old Spice and Jack in the Box.

This Data Point was drawn from August's Global Ad Trends report, which focuses on online video advertising.