Linear TV still dominates the global display ad market. It is estimated to have accounted for over two-fifths (41.9%) of investment this year, a full 25.1 percentage points (pp) ahead of the second-largest display medium, mobile internet.

The $140bn in estimated TV adspend among WARC’s 12 key markets for 2018 represents a rise of 1.0% from 2017 and 12.9% from a decade ago.

But TV’s share has been eroded by 6.7pp since 2009, mostly at the expense of mobile, which has grown 16.6pp over the period. On current trends, mobile would overtake TV as the largest display medium in 2024.

TV’s share dips to 30.3% for 2018 when other advertising formats – such as search and classified – are included. This represents a loss of 1.7pp from 2017 and 8.9pp from 2009.