BBC iPlayer boasts the most users across the UK video on demand landscape, according to the latest research from Ofcom and Ampere. The public broadcaster reached 13.4 million households each month in 2018, far above the 8.8 million households watching ITV Hub content.

BBC iPlayer also boasts more monthly users than competing international platforms. In comparison, Netflix has just under 10 million monthly subscribers in the UK while Amazon Prime Video has 7.7 million.

While BBC iPlayer does not earn advertising or subscription revenue, Netflix records the highest estimated revenue at $693m. This is far above second-placed Amazon Prime Video, which earned $400m in the UK last year.

This comes as platforms battle it out in the rapidly growing OTT TV market, which is expected to nearly double in value to $130bn by 2023. With more competitors entering the race, local services need to form strong alliances to stay relevant.