Spend on internet ad formats is expected to rise 13.2% to a total of $298.1bn worldwide this year, according to data from our international partners included in WARC’s Adspend Database. This would equate to a 47.7% share of total media spend across 96 markets, rising to 50% in 2020 if the current trajectory is maintained. Further, internet will draw over half (52.7%) of all media spend across WARC’s 12 key markets this year.

Internet’s share of media spend varies by region. In North America, it accounted for over half of all media spend for the first time last year, and this share is expected to increase to 56.3% this year, buoyed by a forecast 15.2% rise in investment (to $123.8bn) in the US – the world’s largest internet market. In Europe, internet adspend accounted for 42.4% of total media spend at an estimated $62.8bn last year, a share which is expected to rise to 44.7% ($69.0bn) this year. In Asia Pacific, internet’s share was 43.4% in 2018 ($78.3bn), growing to a forecast 46.5% in 2019 ($88.9bn).

Internet already draws over half of media spend in eight markets: Sweden (62%), the UK (61%), China (59%), Denmark (57%), Norway (54%), Russia (53%), the US (51%) and Australia (51%).

This Data Point is drawn from May's Global Ad Trends report, which focuses on the drivers of online ad investment growth.