Ad misplacement – the risk of a legitimate ad appearing on an undesirable site or next to objectionable content – varies significantly by format and buy type, though the risk is routinely higher among programmatic ads, data from Integral Ad Science show.

Globally, the average risk of an ad appearing on moderate to very high risk inventory across all formats and platforms was 8.3%. Ads bought publisher direct pose a lower risk at 6.8%, but the risk rises to 9.5% when the ad is bought programmatically.

Video ads are at particular risk, with over one in ten ads appearing on objectionable sites on both mobile and desktop. Indeed, the highest risk of all measured formats is among programmatically purchased mobile video, at 16.0% (compared to 10.6% when bought publisher direct).

Ancillary data show that fraud rates for desktop display ads are highest in the Americas.

This Data Point was drawn from March's Global Ad Trends report, which focuses on threats to the digital advertising ecosystem.