YouTube ad viewability averages 95% across ten key European and Middle Eastern markets, according to the latest data from Think with Google, the company's digital trends research arm. In comparison, over half (51%) of display ads meet Media Ratings Council standards, while this reaches nearly three-quarters (72%) of other web and app video ads.

There's little variation in EMEA YouTube ad viewability, with the highest rate at 96% and the lowest at 93%. Web and app video ads see a greater difference, between 61% (South Africa) and 81% (Turkey), while display ads vary between 58% (Russia) and 44% (Spain).

For 2019, viewability and accurate measurement of online advertising is the biggest area of concern for marketers, in part due to the growth in ad blockers. Programmatic ads are particularly susceptible to poor viewability, with the industry only now beginning to tackle the issue.