Almost two-thirds (64%) of internet users globally use a dedicated audio streaming service, data for the final quarter of 2017 show. Adoption lowers with age; the highest proportion – three in four (76%) internet users – is among the 16-24 age group. This compares to one in three (33%) internet users aged between 55-64.

Spotify is the dominant platform in both Europe and Latin America, with 22% and 46% of internet users in these regions accessing the service respectively. One in four internet users in North America also use Spotify, though Pandora is the prevalent streaming platform in the region.

One in three internet users in Asia-Pacific use Tencent-owned QQ Music for audio streaming. Tencent also has a controlling stake in Kugou, the second most-used platform in the region.

Anghami, the first legal music streaming platform in the Arab world, is used by just 18% of the online population across the Middle East and Africa. Instead, Berlin-based SoundCloud is the dominant platform in the region, utilised by 43% of internet users.

This Data Point was drawn from April's Global Ad Trends report, which focuses on radio and digital audio.