Total media consumption in Germany has fallen for the fourth year running, according to the latest data from GlobalWebIndex. The average time spent consuming media each day fell to 9:27 (hours:minutes) in 2018, down from the 2014 peak of 10:10. Although consumption rose by nearly one hour between 2012 and 2014, total levels have failed to grow since.

This drop since 2014 is occurring across most media, with linear TV seeing the greatest fall at 29 minutes. This is followed by broadcast radio, down 10 minutes, and online consumption, down seven minutes. Time spent on game consoles stayed flat at 0:32, while print press consumption rose three minutes from 2014 levels.

For online consumption, PCs/laptops/tablets are the preferred device, although mobile is growing strongly. Globally, online is expected to account for nearly one-fifth of video advertising spend in 2018.