Campaign details

Brand: South African Tourism
Agency: BD Network
Market: United Kingdom

Challenge and business objectives

South African Tourism (SAT) is a government-funded board that collaborates with and provides support to trade to sell package holidays through their own channels.

After year-on-year growth stagnated during 2017, a new approach was required to hit new 2018 targets (5% increase in visitors from the UK and tourist expenditure from January to December 2018).

Whilst typical holiday marketing targets new visitors, SAT identified big potential in repeat visitors, with 64% of bookings coming from people who had already visited at least once before.


South Africa is often seen as a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ destination (somewhat ironic, given the previous stat on return bookings). Barriers to booking are: the scale of the trip, the task of putting together a complex itinerary, and a misconception of high costs. There’s also a general feeling that South Africa is a dangerous destination. Together, these factors mean people often relegate South Africa to a ‘bucket-list’ holiday.