The Challenge

Data, analytics, IOT and smart infrastructure are set to change our world dramatically over the coming years. Siemens want to position themselves as innovators at the centre of this change and demonstrate how they are using data to transform and reimagine the world.

Siemens has partnered with German football club FC Bayern Munich since July 2017 and their digital technologies are at the forefront of the fan experience in the Allianz Arena. Siemens challenged The Economist Group to create an engaging piece of data-driven storytelling that celebrates this partnership and positions Siemens to football fans, tech communities and media as pioneers driving digitalisation.

The Strategy

The big data revolution is reshaping the world – and transforming football. Tracking and exploring datasets has changed how we measure player performance: every movement, pass, run is analysed to gain the slightest of advantages.

But action on the pitch is only part of the experience...