Campaign details

Client: Shell
Agency: MediaCom
Countries: UK, USA, China, Nigeria and Brazil


We needed to make energy more exciting for the energy influencers of the future

One of Shell's goals is to harness the power of collaboration – to pioneer more and cleaner energy solutions.

The brand has supported a whole range of energy projects and ideas: creating light from gravity, capturing kinetic energy from footsteps and generating energy from coffee waste, to name but three.

However, most consumers still view Shell as a traditional oil company.

Our brief was to reach out to Energy Engaged Millennials (EEM); a new audience. They had less entrenched opinions of the energy industry, and as future energy influencers and policymakers, we wanted to ensure they understood and appreciated what Shell was doing.

The aim was to generate interest and transform Shell's reputation, from a company that feels like part of yesterday – a traditional oil company – to a company that is actively addressing future energy needs.