Campaign details

Brand: Royal Automobile Club of Victoria
Lead agency: CHE Proximity
Supporting agency: OMD
Country: Australia

Executive summary

The Royal Automobile Club of Victoria (RACV), a 115-year-old motor insurer, decided to enter the pet insurance game.

Whilst Australia is a nation of pet owners, only 6% have pet insurance. We needed to remind everyone that they need to cover their pets... because pets are batshit crazy.

RACV Pet Insurance became Cover for their Overconfidence, and the first pet insurance to be recommended at vets.


For a nation obsessed with pets, it will come as a surprise that only 6% of Australian pet owners have insurance. Comparing this to a market like the UK, where 40% of pets are covered, it became obvious there was a major growth opportunity. RACV decided to launch RACV Pet Insurance and grow the market.