Real-time Experience Tracking: filling a big data gap

Douglas Loretucci & Fiona Blades
LG Electronics / MESH Experience


With an ever increasing amount of data available to us, why is it still so difficult to make decisions about marketing investments? Despite all of this data, there is still a knowledge gap. What we are missing is a holistic dataset that takes the customer's perspective.

The LG Challenge

LG competes in Home Entertainment, Home Appliances, Mobile Communications, Air Conditioning and Energy Solutions and Vehicle Components. While each of these categories plays a unique role in consumers' lives, there are some common challenges they present to us as marketers. Each represents a high value purchase decision for the consumer. As a result, shoppers enter a fairly complex path to purchase that involves many different resources and influences on a journey that can last weeks or even months. In addition to these shopper challenges LG competes in a very competitive market, with heavy spending from some well-known competitors.