Campaign details

Brand: RAW Pressery
Agency: OAP
Market: India

Market background and challenge

In 2013, RAW Pressery, a cold-pressed juice brand, disrupted the Indian market by becoming an alternative to carbonated and packaged juices with preservatives.

Started as an experiment to fill the gaps in India’s health beverages market, RAW Pressery became popular among fitness enthusiasts, who started consuming its cold-pressed juices as detox drinks.

This home-grown brand was created by Anuj Rakyan, with ambitious plans for his unique cold-pressed technology that avoided oxidation and preserved the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables. Rakyan started the company in Mumbai through a home-subscription model before selling in supermarkets such as Foodhall, a chain of gourmet stores by Kishore Biyani’s Future Group.

The company manages procurement, production and packaging in-house and the juices are available at 55 rupees onwards for the Classic Range and at 150 rupees for the Benefit Blends, all with a shelf life of 21 days and sold in 250ml bottles. From just eight juices, the company has now grown to include four categories – Benefits, Basics, Boosters and Soups – with over 18 juices in its portfolio, including India’s first-ever bottled Ganne Ka Rass (sugarcane juice).