Campaign details

Award show: ROI Festival
Award category: Outdoor, smart screens, mobile media integration, social marketing, online gaming
Award level: Gold
Brand: Tencent Charity Foundation
Brand owner: Tencent Holdings
Campaign name: 'Operation Light-The-Hills'
Agency: Hylink Guangzhou
Industry category: Software and Network Services
Release date: November 2018
Budget: RMB 20-50 million
Country: China


In the most remote of villages and the most mountainous areas of China such as the city of Suizhou in Jiangxi province, there are no streetlights -- a little-known fact for most. So, to arrive at school on time, around 20,000 rural children have to get up at 5 am in the morning, walk in the dark with a flashlight, crossing rivers along the way, facing the occasional risk of falling rocks, barking dogs and other perils. For them, going to school is undoubtedly an adventure.