Campaign details

Award name: ROI Festival
Award category: Social Marketing, Integrated Creativity
Award level: Gold 2019
Brand: Olay
Brand owner: P&G
Agencies: Grey (Hong Kong) and Linksus Digiwork (Guangzhou)
Campaign name: Fearless of Age
Industry category: Cosmetics and Personal Products
Release date: March and October 2018
Budget: RMB 2-5 million
Country: China


In today's China, there is much societal and family pressure placed on women, including marrying by a certain age. 

Olay, one of the top beauty brands in the China market, put together a series of campaigns which addressed a question that women usually wish to avoid (“How old are you?”). The campaign turned that question into a rallying cry for an alternative view that age is just a number and does not define a woman. Instead, the campaign said, what defines a woman is her 'fearless' stories and her achievements, unprejudiced by age.