Campaign details

Brand: Museum of Modern Art Bogotá (MAMBO)
Brand owner: Museum of Modern Art Bogotá (MAMBO)
Agency: DDB
Country: Colombia

Market background

The Museum of Modern Art Bogotá (MAMBO) was facing three major threats:

  1. Museum crisis. Within the past 10 years, 35 important museums have closed around the world due to lack of resources and visitors.
  2. Lack of local visitors. Bogotá has more than 70 museums. However, and despite the efforts made by the Ministry of Culture and the District Institute of Cultural Heritage, only two out of 10 visits to the city's museums are made by locals.
  3. Lack of resources. A monthly sum of USD43,000 is needed to maintain the MAMBO. However, in the year before the campaign (2017), the museum did not reach a third of this figure.

Challenge and business objectives