Campaign details

Brand: New Zealand Lotteries
Agency: DDB New Zealand
Country: New Zealand

Market background and challenge

A maturing business

By 2015, Lotto NZ was a mature business which had become heavily reliant on jackpot levels to grow revenue. For many New Zealanders, long gone were the thrilling Saturday nights of the late eighties spent huddled around the TV, clinging to their ticket in the hope they’d won the jackpot.

But the all-too-familiar feeling of losing more often than winning had taken its toll. An increasing number of people were choosing to play only when an eye-wateringly huge jackpot was on offer. In short, by 2014, many Kiwis wouldn’t get out of bed for less than $10m.1 Annual revenue was in decline.2

Losing influence

This declining frequency of play was hurting Lotto’s revenue. In turn, this put the amount of money the New Zealand Lottery could give back to New Zealand communities at risk. By 2015, Lotto NZ was generating $200m per year for good causes – an annual commitment that Lotto NZ was not prepared to walk away from.3

Losing momentum